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Online panels vs online communities: What’s the difference?

As suppliers and developers of online software solutions for both online panels and communities we are often asked “what is the difference between a panel and a community?” Broadly, the answer can span the spectrum of “they are completely different” to “not much at all”. This contradiction is not a

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The New Normal

We all need to think about business continuity in the “new normal” while ensuring our staff and customers stay safe and well. As the world races toward creating a vaccination for COVID-19 we are left considering what life will be like until a life-saving solution is available. In the meantime,

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Rare Patient Voice launched recruiting efforts in the UK and EU

Now Patients in the UK and EU Can Make their Voices Heard! Rare Patient Voice (RPV), the leader in patient-focused recruiting, is expanding to Europe!  Currently in the US and Canada, the Rare Patient Voice community includes over 100,000 patients and caregivers across 496 conditions.  Market research firm, ad agencies,

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