Q One Project Management Built for Researchers

Collaborate, Field, and Analyze Research Ops Tasks in a Single Hub

The collaboration hub that connect survey respondents with recruitment workflow applications to empower cross functional teams to access information and automate processes across business units 

Trusted by global market research panel and full service agencies

Jovana Petrović​

Operations Manager, Field Scope International Ltd.​

"Q One Tech has made our work much more efficient and saved us a lot of time. The time for project posting and launch is significantly shortened. Thanks to Q One platform, we now can program any type of question, using the customized survey programming tool they provided to us. Everything is in one place and we don't have to search and collect data from various different places anymore, which is a significant improvement.“​

Adam Sargeson​

Senior Operations Executive, Blue Yonder​

“The platform allowed us to consolidate several manual processes and save a huge amount of time. This, along with the ability to script and host surveys along with the panel management function, allows us to focus on finding the perfect participants for our studies."

Centralize recruitment and data collection projects in one single hub

Drive engagement, analyze in-field tracking, and accelerate recruitment and data collection projects has never been easier.

The complete project management software for researchers

Centralize and setup recruitment projects from start to finish​​

Document project life-cycle, allocate resource update changes in real-time to move project forward.

View survey progress and outcome, tracking of rewards, and email deliverability, and what needs to be done next.

Automate tracking and reporting of project final deliverables, verify respondent data quality, evaluate recruitment data and financials, and release and track rewards.

Save time by automating external landing pages, external survey URL’s, project quotas, incentives and tasks.

Supplier module automation

Recruit from external sources​​

Q One intuitive and easy supplier tool connect any external programmed clients survey with one or multiple sample suppliers redirect links.​

Flexible setup to add in sample suppliers redirect links with deep recruitment analytics, no API required​.

Add-in any external survey links and track views, and audience identity.

Send emails that delivered to inbox

Send targeted emails​

Create custom email or SMS invites that work best for your survey respondents​.

Easy to design email builder with your custom templates or HMTL​.

Schedule email send and reminders.

Mail reporting for each campaign. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply know your email invitation reach the inbox with confidence.

Save time and reduce errors from start to finish


See live updates and project alert notification of your work flow with actionable insights to alert you whenever a project needs your attention.

View survey progress and outcome, tracking of rewards, and email deliverability, and what needs to be done next​​.

Automate reporting and tracking of project final deliverables, records of  precise respondents that have completed any given survey, and honoraria reporting.

More features to recruit, engage and refresh your audience

End of survey redirect URL’s​

Unique to every project and each respondents. The Q One end of survey landing pages URL’s lets you connect to any external programmed surveys so you can track progress and analyze recruitment results. Manage how you’d want to redirect all respondents to either a pre-define or branch to custom complete/terminate/quota-full web page immediately after a respondent submit their survey.

Supplier Redirects​

Flexible setup from multiple sample suppliers redirect links with deep recruitment analytics. Q One becomes a hub connecting an external (or internal) clients survey with your suppliers redirect links. The intuitive and powerful solution uses information passed on to it through the URLs to route panel members of your suppliers to an external survey, track the survey result and route these respondents back to the correct landing pages of your suppliers.

Email DeDupe

A very functional and easy to use feature to deduce your selection based on duplicate email addresses across multiple lists and within your panel database.

SMS messaging

Send personalized invitations, reminders, and notifications for recruitment and data collection projects.​

Bulk Email Send​

Our innovative email relay service technology is designed to make email delivery simple and effective. That means less headaches and more email reaching the inbox. Our hosted email services can be the key to maximizing the success of your email.

Track Audience Honoraria History​

When you reward your survey respondents, Q One incentive management feature tracks rewards tied to each recruitment campaigns in each audience profile.​


Work with the tools you love

Q One works with all your existing apps and tools, making it easy to reduce survey frauds, better audience engagement, and offer rewards audience want.

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