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Q One builds on automation and machine learning empowering research operation teams with more control over panel experience, quantitative and qualitative recruitment, surveys, and rewards.


Trusted by global market research panel and full service agencies

"Q One Tech has helped us in three key areas. They have helped us grow and maintain successful client relations. We have been included in the INC 5000 (the fastest-growing companies in the US) for the past two years, and Q One Tech has made that possible."
Wes Michaels
President & Founder, Rare Patient Voice, LLC ​​

Featured Solutions

Access precise audience targeting, visualize recruitment progress towards important goals, get high-level updates on overall team performance and get detailed reports when your team need it and how they want it.

Panel Management

Machine-learning audience identity, segmentation and feasibility management system to improve audience experience, reduce fraud, and speed to insight

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Project Management

Built for research ops teams to manage, launch and measure qualitative and quantitative recruitment, data collection projects and manage incentives

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Survey Software

Feature-rich multi-lingual online survey scripting tool to ask the right questions, reach your audience, analyze feedback, and take action on the insight.

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Qual Scheduler

Schedule, book, remind, and tech check participants for focus groups and IDI's.

Empower your research ops team to do their best work

Frank Hayden

CEO at Slice MR

“Q Qne Tech has been such a great partner on the panel management hosting tool and the project management services. They have been laser focused on client outcomes on all the project they service. Their panel management tool is the best in the industry on the sign-up process, joiner phase, querying the demographics to the outbound invites. A total end-to-end solution."

Peter Chulu​

Managing Director at Field Scope International​

"Always up to date panel counts helps us find patients and caregivers quickly and have accurate numbers on hand for clients at all times is a huge benefit. Adding conditions/diseases as new panels helps us expand our access for hard to recruit studies. I enjoy using Q One and find it has made my job more efficient and organized than ever before. I am thankful for the quick response and generous help from reps who help find viable solutions or explain new features."​​

It's fast, it's flexible, and it's very secure.

Modularization Solutions

Working with a modular system mindset, like building blocks. The Q One platform can be leveraged across all market research industries and cross-functional teams. Configuring the right solution you need now, allows for flexibility, scalability, and reduce the cost of entry.

The Q One Advantage

We’ve created the most powerful way for the world’s research operations to manage, collaborate, predict and measure qualitative, and quantitative recruitment projects with survey respondents. Any research operation teams can launch projects in minutes at scale, manage survey respondents journey, and while protecting their customer’s privacy.

GDPR Compliance

You can trust that you’ll be safe with Q One. Built in are compliance, data security, and privacy requirements, instant scale to support growth, and flexible cloud-based data hosting models to meet GDPR compliance wherever you are in the world.

Deliver Superior Panel Experiences and Recruitment At Scale

Faster targeting, faster recruitment response rate

Better targeting equals more efficient fielding. Transparency you’ve never had before. Happier survey respondents.

Quick insights and better decisions with data

Real-time visibility and data-driven insight into how your recruitment and data collection is progressing. Stop being in the dark about your audience data and analytics.

Leading-edge technology ​

We automate recruitment and data collection processes that eliminate time-consuming manual work. Faster and more secure solutions to validate and target panel members.

Cookie cutters are for cookies, not your audience

Every company is unique, and we believe your database should be unique to your business. We spend time learning about your company so we can compose and define audience segmentation tailored solutions, and then we optimize and maintain your research operations solutions, making any necessary adjustments as your company shifts and grows.

Single source for all your panel and recruitment tools

Connect sales, panel managers, research ops, marketing and finance.The entire team get access to when they want it and how they need it.

Scalable and flexible​

Q One is a cloud-based, self-managed, and continuous innovation solution that offer extraordinary scalability, lower costs and access to next-generation technology for any size market research or recruitment agency.

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