Q One Panel Management 

Q One helps you manage all your survey audience from recruitment to rewards

A custom approach to creating a unified view of your audience to help you collect quality data, improve recruitment response rates and learn more about your audience insights.

Trusted by global market research panel and full service agencies

Lisa M​​

Associate Director, Spherix Global​

“Q One Tech has significantly improved our internal workflow and panel management capabilities. We now have greater visibility over our panel which has helped us determine its strengths and weaknesses. The Q One Tech team has been incredibly supportive with providing customization and assistance when needed.”

Sarah S

Operations Manager, Patient Worthy​​

"Always up to date panel counts helps us find patients and caregivers quickly and have accurate numbers on hand for clients at all times is a huge benefit. Adding conditions/diseases as new panels helps us expand our access for hard to recruit studies. I enjoy using Q One and find it has made my job more efficient and organized than ever before. I am thankful for the quick response and generous help from reps who help find viable solutions or explain new features."​​

Q One deliver everything from opting-in new customers, preventing frauds, targeting, fielding, and rewarding your survey audience

You can trust that you’ll be safe with Q One. Built in are compliance, data security, and privacy requirements, instant scale to support growth, and flexible data hosting models to meet GDPR compliance wherever you are in the world.

White-label signup forms

Sign up new customers

Start by designing forms with recommended templates or create your own custom fields.

Mandatory double opt-in, to ensure a customer is not added to your distribution list until they have clearly given you consent. 

Already have a pre-built embedded signup form on your website? We can easily connect your form to the Q One database.

All your audience database, at your fingertips

See all your audience insights in a single panel board

Q One gives you a machine-learning segmentation and feasibility tool of your audience and make it easy for every team member to access precise sample count and projected feasibility value of your study to win more bids and launch the project quicker.

The most comprehensive panel management solution, Q One deliver everything from opting-in new customers, preventing frauds, targeting, fielding, rewarding your survey audience, and more.

Hyper-personalized segmentation solution

Predictive Targeting

Q One machine-learning predictive targeting solution that can estimate your target audience based on historical survey engagement, and meta-data. So you can send shorter surveys, pre-qualify respondent, and reduce survey fatigue.


List matching, exclusion lists, NPI validation, list deduping and more


Deep audience insights, recruitment and incentive tracking

Q One analytics and reporting tools delivers audience behavioural and engagement insights by monitoring audience identities, survey engagements and behaviours, incentives tracking and more

More features to recruit, engage and refresh your audience

Manage Audience Profiles​

Not only does Q One tracks relevant information about your audience at your fingertips, you can leave notes or flag individual contact based on their behaviour. That way, you have information you need for future targeting, remove bad actors, or send personalize surveys based on customized tags you’ve previously set.

Dynamic Profiling

Add survey data and responses to bring in more audience data to build deeper and richer audience segmentation. Easy to use, self-import or enable dynamic profiling automation. ​

Audience Self Service Portal​

Provides your audience with instant access to update personal information, enable mobile and desktop survey invite notification, access available surveys, view rewards history, redeem rewards and provide care for customer support.

Digital Fingerprinting​

Full visibility of the people behind your survey data. The built-in 14 points verifies contact identity gives you an in-depth view of each person behind the surveys. Add another layer of validation by enabling Research Defender. Contact [email protected] for details.

Customized Audience Profile Mapping

Every company is unique and we believe your database should be unique to your business. We spend time learning about your company so we can compose and define audience segmentation tailored to what your sales and research operation teams need access to, quickly.

Email Validation

Verifies that an email address is active, valid, and is actively accepting email every. Helpful for removing fake or nefarious email addresses from your panel database.


Work with the tools you love

Q One works with all your existing apps and tools, making it easy to reduce survey frauds, better audience engagement, and offer rewards audience want.

Research Defender

Research Defender is a secure platform to help clients take control of traffic and the quality of their products to create a clean, healthy, and efficient ecosystem in the research industry.

Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network delivers branded payment solutions through prepaid products, technologies, and networks that connect brands and people.


NeoCurrency provides rewards for sweepstakes promotions, loyalty programs, market research incentives, employee recognition and sales incentives.


FreshDesk is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster.

Let's organize your audience identity at scale today that is easily accessible by every team member