One single platform. Several powerful solutions to deliver more control to your research operations workflow and survey audience.

We’ve made Q One flexible to use for every member of your team. Not overly basic. Keep your projects organized,  panel sampling and feasibility current and easily accessible by everyone, and know exactly how your recruitment is progressing without adding more work to everyone’s plate. 

Panel sampling and feasibility

See all your current panel audience in a single panel board. Q One gives you a machine-learning segmentation and feasibility tool of your audience and make it easy for every team member to access precise sample count and projected feasibility value of your study to win more bids and launch the project quicker.

The most comprehensive panel management platform, Q One deliver everything from opting-in new customers, fraud prevention, targeting, rewarding your survey audience, and more.

Project management boards

Prioritize your tasks to keep your team on track and see all your tasks and target selections from all your projects in a master board. Q One gives you a bird’s eye view of all your projects and makes it easy to prioritize recruitment projects, tasks, and survey invitation.

See a detailed timeline of all your projects, with deadlines highlighted. A highly visual tool helps you see each project and its deadlines, even across different teams.

Data collection

Q One data collection workflow break down your quantitative data collection tasks into stages and make sure each stage is successfully completed before moving onto the next one. Pre-target panel members, plug-in external sources – surveys or sample partners, design survey, custom invitation to rewards.

Manage your team’s workload with ease. Help everyone stay on task by tracking the workload of individual members of your team.

Qualitative Recruitment

Similarly to data collection workflow, Q One automate routine project tasks and reduce repetitive manual tasks. Pre-target panel members, plug-in external sources – surveys or sample partners, , design screener, share your moderator and clients calendar availability, custom invitation to rewards.

We make scheduling easy for you.  Designed for qualitative recruitment research ops teams. 

Analytics and progress

Keep your business informed on the progress of your team without overwhelming them with useless data. An easy-to-understand mailer tracking system for all your projects. No more guessing which projects are on time and which are behind.

I love the flexibility of the Q One software. The team has been very creative and was able to not only meet but exceed our expectations. They built a custom solution for us which is outstanding and has saved us so much time. Excellent customer service and positive referrals from other clients.
Pam Cusick
Senior Vice President, Rare Patient Voice, LLC
Q One has everything I need in order to effectively complete the tasks I have as an account manager in market research. I use it on a daily basis and have a positive experience. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase the efficiency of their daily work experience/tasks.
Michael S
Michael S
Research Manager, US Healthcare Agency
“One of the things that draw us to Q One Tech, was their experience in healthcare panels and that Q One Tech leadership essentially started in this line of work for that reason specifically."
Shaun F
Field Operations Strategy Executive, Ask Afrika

Picking the right solution for your team

A simple guide to help you make the right choice. Configure the right solution you need now, allows for flexibility, scalability, and reduce the cost of entry.

Accelerate customer onboarding to a research panel and ease of sampling to incentivizing​

Recommended solution

Panel Management

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Manage panel, target, field and reward survey respondents in a single place​

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Panel Managmenent
Project Management
Qual Scheduler
Survey Software

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Launch and manage qualitative and quantitative recruitment and data collection​

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Project Management
Survey Software

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Schedule, book, remind, and tech check participants

Recommended solution

Qual Scheduler

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