We work with your data as is.

No rigid schemas and with cloud native infrastructure, Q One can handle data at unmatched complexity, scale and speed. We use artificial intelligence to unify records. 

How does it work

To implement Q One panel management, you’ll need to do these 4 things:


Import and combine data from any sources


Build stable and unified audience profiles


Create a single audience view, accessible to any team


Build segments and put your data to work

Finally, you decide when and how often to profile additional information to be added to your panel to grow a robust database. Host your database on the most secure server and GDPR compliance requirements.

What's next

Once your database is mapped into the Q One, you get:

Web registration portal

A branded web registration portal to recruit and opt-in new survey participants to be filtered immediately to participate in a research study.

Segmentation and feasibility

Filter who and how many, targets you can recruit and a machine-learning feasibility interface to estimate the probability the targets.

Behavioural and psychographics segmentation

For deeper segmentation, you can filter against past behavioural, activities, or list-match against external database and more.


Q One automation monitor, self-update, and report panel members engagement to reduce survey respondent frauds, improves response rates and increase the speed of implementing recruitment and data collection projects.

Audience engagement and tracking

Invite, schedule, remind, screen, survey, manage quotas and reward using the Q One project management platform build for researchers.


Make inform decisions with Q One great in-depth analytics in one single place. Essentially putting what research ops teams want right in front of them which is going to lead to more control of their projects, winning more bids, and higher recruitment response rates.

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