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Design surveys that people actually want to take

Feature-rich multi-lingual online survey scripting tool that makes it possible to create almost any kind of complexity

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Q One survey software delivers feature-rich multi-lingual online survey scripting tool which makes it possible to create almost any kind of survey, from simple to advanced surveys with complex routings and quotas.

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We believe in clear and simple pricing. Unlimited responses at no extra cost included in your survey software license

Survey Designer Overview​

Basic Question Types

  • Classic single select
  • Single select with multi drop-down
  • Classic multi-select
  • Mutually exclusive items
  • Text Inputv
  • Numerical input with validation
  • Auto-select answer
  • Answer disable
  • Text highlighter
  • Calendar

  • Grids

  • Multi-select grid
  • Semantic differential
  • Matrix of dropdowns

  • Questions Types

    Questions with multimedia components

  • Zoomable images multi-select
  • Image magnifyv
  • Image map
  • Card sort (drag-and-drop)
  • Video component
  • Audio component
  • Heat map

  • Rating questions

  • Rating grid
  • Rating sliders
  • Numeric ranking
  • Ranking grid
  • Drag and drop ranking

  • Why Choose Us

    Professional and efficient survey scripting is a crucial component of a good market research plan. Surveys are great tools to help gauge the mood and mind-set of the target market, but it is important to have seasoned research programmers involved in survey scripting to ensure that the right questions are asked in the appropriate way during the survey research process.

    Our Expertise

    It is amazing how a little creativity can make a positive impact on the effectiveness of a questionnaire. Our programming experts will script your questionnaires unique to your requirements. All scripting and programming is conducted in-house and we can program and host simple point-to-point surveys or complex multilingual questionnaires professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively.


    Using our proprietary survey software to script surveys and manage your data collection projects. Q One is a powerful market research platform with seamless connection between research panels and collecting data.

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    Select from the 20 most common question types to quickly create online surveys.

    Screen respondents and schedule interviews with calendar questions in surveys.

    Format your survey for improved delivery on mobile devices.

    Create custom survey buttons that route to other URL’s or trigger direct and scheduled emails.

    Create questions and quickly preview them.

    Review your surveys on one page and print it to PDF or process it in MS Word.

    Use the scripting modes novice, normal and expert for your level of expertise in scripting surveys.

    Quickly upload and insert your logo and custom text into survey header.

    Modify surveys in design mode without changing live surveys. Publish after testing.

    Sophisticated multi-level branching and survey paging. Includes branching to the end of the survey.

    Simple and sophisticated quota wizard to create up to three dimensional quotas.

    Hundreds of survey templates and thorough question library for easy survey creation.

    Create custom online reports with the report wizard for each survey.

    Easily extract your survey data for further analysis and presentation with the Q One Platform Export generator.

    Check your surveys for errors and inconsistencies with the survey error checker and the consistency control feature.

    Upload language translations for multiple questions and languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

    Complete control over survey flow: Extraction, Piping, Chaining, Show Hide Logic, and more.

    Complete control over look and feel of the survey.

    The robust custom scripting module of the Q One Platform allows you to create custom logic and control the end user experience.

    Quickly upload and insert your log

    Support for creating surveys in all languages.