Building a Quality Online Research Panels

Panel Management

Conducting panel research, at first glance, can appear to be a daunting task. How do you recruit panel members? How do you make profiles for them? How do you communicate with them? Where do you even begin?

With Q One Tech, conducting panel research is no longer something to be afraid of. With our panel management platform, we provide a secure and easy way to manage your panels.

What Does A Panel Management Platform Do? 

Imagine you are trying to conduct targeted market research. You will typically have to recruit people to be panel members and communicate with them. You will also have to create panel member profiles, target segments of panel members, and gain panel member insights. Often, you will also have to create and manage multiple platforms.

In short, a panel management platform is an online platform that simplifies this process for you. It provides a way for you to manage your panel-related affairs in one place. 

Why You Should Use A Panel Management Platform

Targeted Research 

Panel management software makes it easier to identify a targeted group. Additionally, it makes it simple to send Surveys and receive your respondents answers

Enhanced Results 

Effective Panel management software gives you faster, and more reliable, responses from panel members. 

Robust Profile Development 

Panel management software can be used to develop robust profiles of panel members. You can then use this data for better Targeting and profiling 


It can be much more cost-effective to use panel management software to recruit and manage your own panels than to buy data from another source. You can also offer your panel/respondents to other research companies which coud give you a substantial revenue stream


Panel management software gives you quick, easy and cost efficient access to the right respondents 

Advantages of the Q One Platform for Panel Management

At Q1 Tech, we have developed a system designed to help you better your understanding of your respondents over time. We provide a cloud-based service that is essentially a machine learning and AI data warehouse. This means that you will have a central location for your custom panels and project lifetime mapping

This system connects panel members, manages their profiles, and invites respondents to your surveys. It helps identify target groups, match relevant candidates to surveys, and increase participation rates among potential participants.

We provide unlimited international multilingual panels, an integrated fraud-prevention mechanism, and incentive management. Other features include digital fingerprinting and custom, white-labeled registration forms. What more could you need?

The Q One platform for panel management also includes a self-service portal for panel members. This portal provides a space for panel members to perform various tasks. These tasks include checking their incentive balances, updating their profile information, making withdrawals, and viewing survey opportunities.

In addition, we keep your information safe by ensuring that it is secure, private, and encrypted. Data can be hosted in any country of your choice giving full compliance with all relevant compliance laws (GDPR etc.)

Improve the Quality of Your Study and Results 

At Q One have developed an incredible panel management platform. Now, all that’s left is for you to make use of it! 

Panel management no longer has to be a daunting task. With Q One, you can achieve higher quality results more efficiently. Speak to one of our experts today [email protected]



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