Manage qualitative surveys & scheduling in one place

Qualitative research is an invaluable tool for gaining deep insights from target audiences. However, managing the research process can be time-consuming and complex. Utilizing multiple tools for survey creation, participant recruitment and interview scheduling leads to inefficiencies and time waste.

Introducing Q One 2.0: The all-in-one survey solution

Q One 2.0 revolutionizes qual research project management by integrating survey creation functionalities with a robust built-in scheduler.

This approach translates into several key benefits for researchers, streamlining the workflow and maximizing efficiency:

#1. Effortless participant invitation & scheduling

Seamless invitations
: Send personalized invitations directly from Q One. Include study details, screening questions (if applicable), and a clear link for participants to access the survey and schedule their interview at their convenience.

Flexible scheduling: Q One’s built-in scheduler integrates with participant calendars, allowing them to see your available interview slots and book a time that works best for them. This reduces the hassle of back-and-forth communication and ensures a smooth scheduling process.

Automated confirmations and reminders: Once participants schedule their interview, Q One automatically sends confirmation emails and reminders to keep them engaged and minimize the risk of no-shows.

#2. Increased interview completion rates

Automated reminders:
Q One helps prevent missed interviews by sending automated email and/or SMS reminders to participants before their scheduled interview. These reminders can be customized to include key details like interview date, time, and location (if applicable).

Confirmation emails: After scheduling their interview, participants receive confirmation emails with all the necessary details, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or forgotten appointments.

#3. Enhanced researcher efficiency

Centralized project management: Q One 2.0 integrates all aspects of your qual research project into a single platform. Create your surveys, manage participants, schedule interviews, and access all your data – all within Q One, saving you valuable time and effort.

Improved organization: Store all your project materials and data securely within Q One. This centralized approach allows for easy access and helps maintain a well-organized research workflow.

#4. Improved data security

Robust security features: Q One prioritizes data security with industry-leading features. All participant data and survey responses are encrypted and stored securely. This ensures compliance with relevant data privacy regulations and protects sensitive information.

Data integrity: Centralizing your data within Q One minimizes the risk of errors or inconsistencies that can occur when information is scattered across multiple tools.

#5. Deliver a superior client experience

Effortless project management: Impress your clients with the ease and efficiency of Q One. Showcase a streamlined research process that eliminates tool-switching and communication delays.

Professional presentation: Q One’s user-friendly interface provides a professional experience for both researchers and participants. This leaves a positive impression on your clients and demonstrates a commitment to quality research practices.

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