Rare Patient Voice launched recruiting efforts in the UK and EU

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Now Patients in the UK and EU Can Make their Voices Heard!

Rare Patient Voice (RPV), the leader in patient-focused recruiting, is expanding to Europe!  Currently in the US and Canada, the Rare Patient Voice community includes over 100,000 patients and caregivers across 496 conditions.  Market research firm, ad agencies, CROs and HEOR clients have shared their desire to have access in other countries to the quality recruiting that Rare Patient Voice provides.  Partnering with Q One Tech, Rare Patient Voice has launched recruiting efforts in the United Kingdom and is poised to expand into Germany, France, Spain and Italy as well.

Wes Michaels

President and Founder, Wes Michael, shares: 

I founded Rare Patient Voice to give patients and caregivers the opportunity to shape the future of healthcare through voicing their opinions. US patients have loved taking part and earning over $5.3 million for doing so. To be able to offer this opportunity to patients in Europe is the best way I can think of to expand on our vision.

Rare Patient Voice Vice President, Pam Cusick, shares:

Our clients value the quality that Rare Patient Voice provides for their US patient recruiting needs. Patients and clients have requested that we expand into other countries for years, so we finally took the leap.  This is a fantastic offering for new and current clients, and also a wonderful opportunity for patients across the world to share their voices!

Rare Patient Voice has been working with Q One Tech, a market research and consumer insights software development company, to manage its current US and Canadian panel.  With a global presence, Q One Tech was an obvious partnering choice to help launch a GDPR-compliant global patient panel.  The Q One Tech platform is customizable and easy to use, making a seamless transition for the Rare Patient Voice Global panel!  

Q One Tech Co-Founder, Damir shares:

We have been partnering with RPV for a number of years and are delighted to support, and work with them, as they bring their expertise to the U.K. and mainland Europe. Q One Tech wholeheartedly endorse the way that RPV have changed the landscape for online respondents and we look forward to supporting them in the next chapter of their story.

Focusing on the needs of Rare Patient Voice clients, we invite you to click here to share your opinion about which country RPV should focus on next!


Rare Patient Voice, LLC provides patients and caregivers an opportunity to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews to improve medical products and services. RPV has over 100,000 patients across 496 different conditions. https://rarepatientvoice.com



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