The New Normal

We all need to think about business continuity in the “new normal” while ensuring our staff and customers stay safe and well.

As the world races toward creating a vaccination for COVID-19 we are left considering what life will be like until a life-saving solution is available. In the meantime, we all need to think about business continuity in the “new normal” while ensuring our staff and customers stay safe and well.

Like many other industries, market research has been affected by the virus with some methodologies rendered completely unusable due to the need for social distancing and the risk of infection. Although there will always be market research methodologies that cannot be transferred to an online environment, with format changes and a little creativity now is the time to re-think the proposition and consider how to continue to conduct market research in a safe way.Does that make things any clearer? Maybe yes, maybe no. The key takeaway is that whatever your requirements, whether you are utilizing an online community or an online panel, Q One Tech has a solution.

What to consider when looking at online software solution options
  • A single platform that can manage both qualitative and quantitative solutions

  • A strategy for engagement that includes regular newsletters and updates, quick polls and online forums for two-way communication to take advantage of online availability

  • A new population of people embracing the online world – think of grandparents using Zoom, online events that have replaced physical gatherings, not to mention online platforms like HouseParty, WhatsApp etc.

Q One Tech software enables market researchers to have control over their online world in this unusual and transitional time. From a single, easy to use and access point researchers can establish the activity and engagement of respondents and select respondents for online projects based on their profiles, previous participation and demographic and psychographic information. With a bit of machine learning we also ensure that respondents selected are consistently the most suitable for the project they are invited to.Most importantly Q One offers online users the one protection not yet available in the real world: Anti-Virus protection!Q One Tech software allows for almost instant improvements and a visible difference in results. Through our features and automation options, Q One platform provides multiple solutions to address research and business needs individually or as a comprehensive all-in-one business solution.

Reach out to us today and we will schedule some time (online!) for an initial chat to discuss how Q One Tech can help you and your business during these challenging times.



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