The Importance of Data Quality in Market Research:

Survey and audience data quality in market research has always been crucial, and it’s even more so now. Audience sizes and sample groups, particularly in healthcare, are not increasing in size, making it essential to focus on data quality. This can be assessed based on various factors such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, and representativeness of […]

Building a Quality Online Research Panels

Panel Management Conducting panel research, at first glance, can appear to be a daunting task. How do you recruit panel members? How do you make profiles for them? How do you communicate with them? Where do you even begin? With Q One Tech, conducting panel research is no longer something to be afraid of. With […]

Online panels vs online communities: What’s the difference?

As suppliers and developers of online software solutions for both online panels and communities we are often asked “what is the difference between a panel and a community?” Broadly, the answer can span the spectrum of “they are completely different” to “not much at all”. This contradiction is not a misunderstanding of the two but […]