Panel Management 2

Learn how this firm concentrated on building a robust healthcare community driven by accurate and valuable respondent profiling to help their clients connect with the right respondent. This primary market research recruitment firm specializes in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech Industries.


  • Challenges
  • Survey targeting challenges
  • Finding a respondent friendly platform
  • Lack of survey design flexibility


  • Better respondent targeting
  • Automated invitation, onboarding emails, and customized features
  • Easy onboarding process and constant support
  • Time-saving and flexible survey design tools

What we liked the most was the fact that the Q One Tech platform offers a portal for respondents to locate information about studies, keep track of their compensation amounts, and also allows us to easily update panellist profiles. This is really important as personal information can change, thus having the possibility to keep track of updates makes it easier for them to target the right group and solve survey fatigue. So, they use it to pre-target panel members who should be invited to certain studies. It was pointed out: better targeting = more efficient fielding. In addition to this Q One Tech platform feature, the option to validate new respondents in real-time is very useful in building a panel.

The Q One Tech survey tool is something they especially appreciate. It is possible to choose from many options when it comes to questions, logic, and design. It is flexible and easy to use. For example, they can use a survey template that was created to easily duplicate for new studies. They actually have set up a separate template for quantitative and qualitative studies so they can quickly get into the field if needed.

Finally, the team is what makes this success story complete. Having all that said, it can only be concluded that the company got the solution to its pain points. But still, it is not the end of our journey. Whenever they feel the need to adapt to a feature, they can reach out to us and we will gladly hear their recommendations.


“We have developed a great partnership with Q One Tech. They have allowed us to become more efficient and we appreciate their dedicated customer support team and software flexibility.”

-Summer Q, Research Partner