Unsolved Market Research Mysteries: The Curious Case of Diabetes in China

There are many curiosities in this world. Some remain unsolved, but many have been answered by market research.

At Q One Tech we were surprised to learn that, until recently, there were very few incidents of diabetes in China. In 1980, only 1% of the population suffered from the disease, but this has changed significantly over the decades. Today, 10% of the adult Chinese population suffers from diabetes, making China the country with the highest amount of diabetics in the world. 

So, what has changed? The answer is: We don’t know. But, with market research we are on our way to understanding. 

Alongside one of our trusted partners, we are helping to build a panel of diabetes sufferers in China to further investigate this worrying increase across the country. Q1’s technology will further enable our client to manage the panel and launch projects directly into the Chinese market.

If you want to build your own panel, utilise the very best in panel management, script your own projects or use all of these features then get in touch with us today and we will help you realise your market research ambitions. Contact us.



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