The world has changed, and so have your respondents.

I recently read a piece that talked about the effects of COVID-19 on face-to-face research. Whether a society is enforcing total lockdown or simply encouraging social distancing measures (where face-to-face is still a possibility), there is no question that the trend in market research has migrated from offline to online. Despite this shift in how respondents participate, the changing circumstances of these same respondents and how their incomes, jobs and habits have changed is often not considered.

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Six months ago, you likely put together a sample frame for a study using fairly standard demographics. Since your software tells you that you have ample respondents for the study, you go to field. Very quickly you realize that there is a problem. You are experiencing screen-outs and drop-outs at a much higher rate than expected, and an incidence rate that is lower than you predicted – what has gone wrong?

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As the population responds to a global pandemic the respondents who met your screening criteria in December may have changed beyond recognition. Today, someone who earned a six-figure salary may no longer meet the qualifying criteria, or a respondent who recently worked in the travel industry may now be seeking new opportunities. These changes affect our everyday behaviours, not to mention how we shop, interact and make decisions. If your database isn’t automated to consistently deliver the most up-to-date information, your research might well render irrelevant and inaccurate.

There is no questioning that the world has changed a great deal in a very short amount of time. Regardless of the ever-evolving circumstances that affect our habits and behaviours, Q One will work with you to find a nimble solution to track and update changes to your entire database and meet your research needs.

Reach out to us today to schedule a time to discuss how Q One Tech can help you and your business during these challenging times.



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