The Q One Platform is a very comprehensive software as a service solution for panelmanagement, survey management, survey design and much more. Click on the section to learn more about which features the Q One Platform has to offer.

Unlimited panels
Create and manage unlimited customizable, multi-country B2B and B2C panels.

Panel Join Survey
Join survey for panel member segmentation.

Data Maintenance
Panel data is updated with each new project.

Import Panel
Import your panels from other systems with the import wizard

Offer Panel Member Rewards
Bulk payment and individual withdraw request management. Reward systems based on respondent locations.

Panel Member Self-Serve Portal
A custom self-serve portal with your company’s branding is created for your panel members.

Response Rate Calculation
Automated response rate evaluation and invite preference.

Multilingual Panels
Support for creating panels in all languages.

Multilingual Panel Translation Upload
Upload language translations for multiple languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Financial Reports
Incentive reports and payment forecast reports for your financial control.

Edit Members
Track activities of single and multiple panel members and edit panel member details.

Custom Panel Member Dashboard
Create custom panel member dasboards in your own web-environment with the Q One Platform Widgets.

Unlimited Projects
Run unlimited projects simultaneously.

Selection And Target Group Segmentation
Select panel members based on their profile, validity and responsiveness during the invitation process for the best possible project result.

Internal and external surveys
Use internal scripted surveys or plug in surveys scripted in another software.

Internal And External Panels
Use your own panels or panels from third party providers.

Customizable Landing Pages
Customize your landing pages and add target URL’s.

Respondent Tracking and Statistics
Track individual panel members and how they responded.

Real-time Reports
Robust real time reporting and status analytics.

Multi Channel Survey Distribution
Utilize multiple channels to distribute your surveys.

Personalized Email Invitation (mail merge)
Seamless e-mail integration with company databases.

Reminder Email Functionality
Send reminder e-mails to those who have not completed the survey.

Project History
Tracking of a project, e-mail and calling (optional) history for easy work transfer.

Survey Link Type
Use single, multiple or panel member specific survey links for your projects.

Reminder Cycle
Fully automate the frequency and amount of your survey reminders.

Standard Question Types
Select from the 20 most common question types to quickly create online surveys.

Calendar Questions
Screen respondents and schedule interviews with calendar questions in surveys.

Mobile Compatible Surveys
Format your survey for improved delivery on mobile devices.

Custom Buttons
Create custom survey buttons that route to other URL’s or trigger direct and scheduled emails.

Question Preview
Create questions and quickly preview them.

Survey Word View
Review your surveys on one page and print it to PDF or process it in MS Word.

Scripting Modes
Use the scripting modes novice, normal and expert for your level of expertise in scripting surveys.

Customize Surveys with your Brand Logo
Quickly upload and insert your logo and custom text into survey header.

Survey Publishing
Modify surveys in design mode without changing live surveys. Publish after testing.

Branching / Skip Logic
Sophisticated multi-level branching and survey paging. Includes branching to the end of the survey.

Quota Wizard
Simple and sophisticated quota wizard to create up to three dimensional quotas.

Survey Templates and Question Library
Hundreds of survey templates and thorough question library for easy survey creation.

Report Wizard
Create custom online reports with the report wizard for each survey.

Export to SPSS, SSS CSV, Excel
Easily extract your survey data for further analysis and presentation with the Q One Platform Export generator.

Advanced Error Check
Check your surveys for errors and inconsistencies with the survey error checker and the consistency control feature.

Multilingual Surveys
Support for creating surveys in all languages.

Multilingual Survey Translation Upload
Upload language translations for multiple questions and languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Advanced Branching Logic
Complete control over survey flow: Extraction, Piping, Chaining, Show Hide Logic, and more.

Customizable Survey Theme
Complete control over look and feel of the survey.

Custom Survey Scripting
The robust custom scripting module of the Q One Platform allows you to create custom logic and control the end user experience.
Proposal Overview
Monitor and manage running proposals and evaluate lost opportunities.

Quotation Wizard
Create proposals quickly with the proposal wizard.

Unlimited costing sheets
You can create unlimited, client specific, multi-country costing sheets.

Customer Self-Serve Portal
A customer self-serve portal for your clients to create ball park proposals and contact your sales team directly with the project outlines.

Sales Log
Sales log feature for internal communication.

Contact Manager
Upload and manage your contacts. Import contacts from other sources like Outlook, Google Mail or Salesforce.

Image Manager
Upload, modify and manage images used throughout your system.

Create custom project, panel and financial reports.

Help & Tutorials
The system comes with a manual, tutorial video’s, examples and downloadable templates.

Sendgrid | Socketlabs
The Q One Platform integrates seamless with Socketlabs and Sendgrid. It is possible to connect your own account or let the Q One Tech team manage your account.

Research Defender Security Integration
Research Defender is a system that helps companies eliminate fraudsters and bad actors.

The Q One Tech Platform has the Research Defender system integrated as an optional add on.

Amazon AWS
The Q One Tech system is hosted on Amazon AWS. When onboarding clients can chose their preferred data center location or can have their own, dedicated server at a location of their choice.

Twilio SMS Integration
The Q One Platform integrates seamless with Twilio for SMS messenging for survey invitations. It is possible to connect your own account or let the Q One Tech team manage your account.

Rybbon Payment Integration
The Q One Platform can be connected to your Rybbon Payment account through our API connection. Panel members can be paid directly through the Q One Platform.

User And Permission Management
Add additional users to the account, control read/write access.

Project Feasibility Check
Check the feasibility of your projects based on panel quality and quantity. The system learns over time and gives more accurate forecasts.

Standard Email Support
24*7 support. Response time within one business day.

Priority Email Support (Optional)
Guaranteed reply within 2 hours 24/7. Issue solving prioritized over other issues.



Panel Management

Q One Tech is a market research and consumer insight software development company. We build products for the real world market research. We combine decades of experience of running Market Research projects all over the world and our passion for innovative technology in making software that is impactful, customizable and easy to use. We have offices in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. The Q One panel management system digitizes every aspect in recruiting, maintaining your panel of survey respondents and collecting data. 

It’s a cloud-based platform that connect growing and recruiting panel members managing member profiles, quick sample counter and inviting respondents to your survey. We’ve built a system to better understand your survey respondents over time. It also comes with a self-serve portal for your panel members that covers all operations: from checking incentives balance, make withdrawals, updating profile information and view other survey opportunities that fit your profile. The panel management platform is the key to recruiting and managing a rich and accurate research panel from end-to-end. Helping businesses quickly target profiled members, improving study quality and results.



Survey Designer
Custom-branded surveys to make a positive impact

We worked together with experienced researchers to develop one of the most comprehensive market research software programs available today. The Q One platform has a feature rich online survey scripting tool which makes it possible to create almost any kind of survey, from simple to advanced surveys with complex routings and quotas. The flexibility of the system makes it easy for any skilled-level programmers to develop complex surveys that deliver surveys that engage your research respondents. Using the Q One platform means you have everything you need for a research project compiled in one program that can be operated by a minimum amount of human resource.



Deliver project goals and focus on quick turnaround times to meet client expectations

Q One data collection platform helps businesses stay on top of their projects by keeping a good overview of all processes without getting lost in details. It covers all your operations from quotation, panel sampling, survey design, data collection through to invoicing. The new sleek user interface allows you to track project status in real-time. The project dashboard gives you a holistic view on best performing projects and projects that require your attention immediately. With the new intuitive interface, you can now get quicker more accurate project information and monitor your project lifecycle. The platform is a great tool for every research and data collection operation.

Data Collection


Q One Tech has a special, scalable low-priced solution for businesses that want to grow a panel. Integrate your panel register form into your website, monitor the panel growth in real-time, validate and improve the panel quality and finally add additional modules when you are ready to run projects. Need to grow a panel? Ask us for this option, a demo and our special price for our panel-only solution.
Features included:

  • Responsive panel join survey, ewasy to integrate into your website
  • Real time report on panel progress
  • Panel statistics
  • Customizable panel settings
  • Panel member dashboard
  • Panel import and panel join recruitment mailer options
Panel Only