Find some interesting tips in this article when you are starting to recruit members to your first research panel.

Building a research panel is incredibly important to any business and allows for greater insight, better response rates and data-driven decision making. There are a number of best practices and great ways to go about it. It is not about getting as many people on the panel as possible, it’s about getting the right people on the panel as these individuals will give you better response rates and insight. You should be creative with your recruiting and there are a number of ways to recruit your panel – website pop ups, social media, buying a list from another panel, etc. This article will touch on a few excellent methods to recruiting individuals to build an effective research panel.

Recruit Via Email or Text Message

This is a common and effective way of creating and building a research panel, and emailing previous customers is even better. This method is very dependent on whether you have and create leads in your business (which is essential by the way) and allows you to contact warm traffic asking them to become a part of your panel. Not only will they feel more inclined to join because they trust you as a company, but the fact that you can use an automated system to send mass emails to all your leads gives you the chance to connect with hundreds of people instantly. This is one of the most common and cost effecting method to use. Below is an example to target, email and invite your database to join your panel with speed and accuracy using the Q One platform.

Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are a go-to choice for many marketers and they are also great for research panel opt-ins. A landing page can be set up on any page on your website, but what is recommended to either a pop-up which invites the individual to the panel, or have a link on the website which leads to a separate page where they can sign up. Landing pages are effective and are an excellent way to recruit via your website.

Recruit with Your Products or Surveys

If you are running a brick and mortar business, or perhaps a digital product business, try and recruit individuals with each purchase. This can be easily applied with physical products through changing the labelling or packaging and adding a little note asking them to join. A benefit of this method is that in order to act on the invite, individuals have to follow a link and sign up to the panel with little incentive. This means that individuals recruited this way are more likely to give relevant feedback and provide you with quality data. This method can also be applied with email receipts which ask for customer feedback.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is powerful and many businesses are yet to utilize it for their market research recruitment. Social media is all about content and sites such as Facebook are used by over 1 billion people around the world. In addition, advertising on social media can be a cost effective solution. The reach is massive and allows you to target specific individuals who will be interested in your panel, which leads to relevant results. Try boosting a couple of posts that explain the benefits of signing up and even include some incentives.


Recruiting individuals to a research panel is important and without individuals you won’t have anyone to send your surveys too. Make sure you are recruiting people in creative ways, whether it be through email, social media, physical products, your website or a list. Also it is key to give a reason to why they should join. Explain the benefits of joining your panel, such as the fact they’ll be contributing to the development of a business and that their input results help create better experiences. Every aspect to building and recruiting a research panel should be made easy and automated from emailing your database, targeting your audience, capturing relevant panel profile to incentivizing. Want to know more, I’m happy to chat more on tips, case studies and solutions to panel management and recruitment.


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