Automating recruitment, engagement, sampling and incentive management processes transform your manual procedures into efficient, organize and reliable digital process.

SURVEY Management

Streamlining the research invitation process to increase the ability run multiple projects simultaneously, take on more projects and know exactly where each project is in your workflow.


Create easy or complex multi-lingual surveys with the Q One Survey Designer. The Survey Designer comes with three expertise modes for starters and for experts. The Q One Survey Designer comes with more than 17 different and free editable question types, template surveys and template questions. Surveys scripted with the system are white labeled and responsive, therefore can be entered via a smartphone or tablet.


The system comes with more integrated business solutions such as a quotation tool, a task manager, an instant messenger, a CRM capable of importing contacts from Salesforce, Google Mail or Outlook and many other useful additions. The Q One Platform works collaboratively across all disciplines within a market research organisation. This makes it easy to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with a team and with the client anytime, anywhere.

Panel Management
Standard Enterprise

Unlimited panels

Create and manage unlimited customizable, multi-country B2B and B2C panels.

Panel Join Survey

Join survey for panel member segmentation.

Data Maintenance

Panel data is updated with each new project.

Panel Invitation

Utilize multiple channels to invite respondents to join your panels.

Import Panel

Import your panels from other systems with the import wizard

Offer Panel Member Rewards

Bulk payment and individual withdraw request management. Reward systems based on respondent locations.

Panel Member Self-Serve Portal

A custom self-serve portal with your company’s branding is created for your panel members.

Referral Program

Referral plug in to add new panel members.

Certification Index

12-point panel member certification to validate a panel members validity.

Response Rate Calculation

Automated response rate evaluation and invite preference.

Multilingual Panels

Support for creating panels in all languages.

Multilingual Panel Translation Upload

Upload language translations for multiple languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Financial Reports

Incentive reports and payment forecast reports for your financial control.

Edit Members

Track activities of single and multiple panel members and edit panel member details.
Survey Management
Standard Enterprise

Unlimited Projects

Run unlimited projects simultaneously.

Selection And Target Group Segmentation

Select panel members based on their profile, validity and responsiveness during the invitation process for the best possible project result.

Internal and external surveys

Use internal scripted surveys or plug in surveys scripted in another software.

Internal And External Panels

Use your own panels or panels from third party providers.

Customizable Landing Pages

Customize your landing pages and add target URL's.

Respondent Tracking and Statistics

Track individual panel members and how they responded.

Real-time Reports

Robust real time reporting and status analytics.

Multi Channel Survey Distribution

Utilize multiple channels to distribute your surveys.

Personalized Email Invitation (mail merge)

Seamless e-mail integration with company databases.

Reminder Email Functionality

Send reminder e-mails to those who have not completed the survey.

Project History

Tracking of a project, e-mail and calling (optional) history for easy work transfer.

Survey Link Type

Use single, multiple or panel member specific survey links for your projects.

Reminder Cycle

Fully automate the frequency and amount of your survey reminders.
Survey Design
Standard Enterprise

Standard Question Types

Select from the 17 most common question types to quickly create online surveys.

Mobile Compatible Surveys

Format your survey for improved delivery on mobile devices.

Scripting Modes

Use the scripting modes novice, normal and expert for your level of expertise in scripting surveys.

Customize Surveys with your Brand Logo

Quickly upload and insert your logo and custom text into survey header.

Branching / Skip Logic

Sophisticated multi-level branching and survey paging. Includes branching to the end of the survey.

Quota Scripting

Simple and sophisticated quota scripting.

Survey Templates and Question Library

Hundreds of survey templates and thorough question library for easy survey creation.

Export to CSV, Excel

Easily extract your survey data for further analysis and presentation.

Multimedia Support (images, audio, video)

Insert images, music and movie clips.

Multilingual Surveys

Support for creating surveys in all languages.

Multilingual Survey Translation Upload

Upload language translations for multiple questions and languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Advanced Branching Logic

Complete control over survey flow: Extraction, Piping, Chaining, Show Hide Logic, and more.

Customizable Survey Theme

Complete control over look and feel of the survey.

Custom Survey Scripting

The robust custom scripting module of the Q One Platform allows you to create custom logic and control the end user experience.
Sales Management
Standard Enterprise

Proposal Overview

Monitor and manage running proposals and evaluate lost opportunities.

Quotation Wizard

Create proposals quickly with the proposal wizard.

Unlimited costing sheets

You can create unlimited, client specific, multi-country costing sheets.

Customer Self-Serve Portal

A customer self-serve portal for your clients to create ball park proposals and contact your sales team directly with the project outlines.

Sales Log

Sales log feature for internal communication.
Standard Enterprise

Contact Manager

Upload and manage your contacts. Import contacts from other sources like Outlook, Google Mail or Salesforce.

Collaborative Taskmanager

Create, assign and manage tasks from anywhere in the system or directly from a project.

Integrated Instant Messenger

Chat with your team or individual members. Instant calls or conference calls with the optional QPhone add on directly from the instant messenger.
Paid add-on

QBox Cloud Storage

All files and project documentation are saved in the cloud storage and can be shared with teams and clients.
Paid add-on


Integrated soft dialer for internal and external calls. Calls and replies can become automated and recorded.
Paid add-on

Daily Dashboard

See tasks assigned to you, open projects, well performing projects and under-performers at one glance.
And more
Standard Enterprise

User And Permission Management

Add additional users to the account, control read/write access.

Multiple User Accounts

3 25

Additional User Accounts


Project Feasibility Check

Check the feasibility of your projects based on panel quality and quantity. The system learns over time and gives more accurate forecasts.

Standard Email Support

24*7 support. Response time within one business day.

Priority Email Support

Guaranteed reply within 2 hours 24/7. Issue solving prioritized over other issues.

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from an assigned account manager and priority phone support 24 hours/day.

Dedicated Mail Servers

Your organization has dedicated mail servers for survey invitations.

Finance Software API

Connect the Q One Platform to your own finance software
(depending on your finance software package). Contact us to find out more.

June 2017

  • It is now possible to download translation sheet templates for your panel, panel and survey translations in Excel format. Once these files are translated simply upload them into the system.
  • The panel member self-serve portal is now responsive. Panel members can manage their account and withdraw credits via their smartphone.

What's in the oven?

In this section we will give updates on new features, updates and upgrades to existing features that are currently in progress.

  • QApp: An app for panel members that will allow panel members of our clients to see and directly act on new survey opportunities, manage their membership and withdraw their credits.
  • Survey Designer: Our QScript Survey Designer gets a major make over to make it even more user-friendly and let even unskilled survey scripters create advanced surveys.
  • Advanced Exclusion List Filters: Exclude panel members from your projects based on advanced filtering.